Friday, October 11, 2013

China Signs: You are the Best!

All across China, we often saw signage that was baffling, odd, or just plain cracked us up. And now we'd like to share some of those gems with you! And in case you're thinking of getting bored and giving up halfway through, I'll just warn you now that we saved the best for last. And as it involves the joys of peeing in the pool, you won't want to miss it!

Sign from Lijiang, China. If I'm going to be buying Yak Meat Jerky (and I's delicious!), I'm definitely picking the meat from the Fat Sister's shop!
Oops, faulty translation!
They had these types of signs all over Lijiang to teach and remind tourists how to behave appropriately
We found a cafe in Kunming that had some confusing, if great, translations. Our favorite? Strongly Recommended Poison.
This was at the Panda Center in Chengdu, but given my dislike for noise (in China, no less!), the sign struck a chord :)
These signs are located on the mountains in China so that hikers can be reminded while climbing up the mountain. 
What a pushy sign!! :)
Saw these in the Shanghai airport and just thought they were so cute and clever!
We're not entirely sure what this means, but we did our best not to stride up the mountain!
I really hope that after I die, people do not name my house Hairy Woman House after me...
Maybe a slight translation error? :)
The sign on a hot water heater (China has free boiling water spigots all over). I especially love the use of the butterfly and child in bunny outfit. 
Warning sign from an escalator. I'll be sure to start calling the elderly oldsters.
This illustrates the joy of ordering food in China from the translated menu. Notice that all 4 "Fried Needle Mushrooms with Leek" have different Chinese characters, and are different prices. We ordered the second one on the list. and I did not enjoy it.
This sign was outside a public toilet in Beijing. This is what I've always wanted to talk to you: blog readers, you are the best!

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