About Us!

Welcome to our adventure around the world! We are Cory and Molly, a happy pair of newlyweds from San Francisco (by way of San Diego), traveling our way around the world.  We quit our jobs, sold most our stuff, packed the rest in a U-Haul and headed back to San Francisco after six sunny years in San Diego.  Cory's mom graciously offered to care for our two kitties (and the rest of our belongings... thanks Mom <3) and we headed off with a one way ticket to Tokyo.

We stayed on the road for about 8 months before returning back to San Francisco to rejoin the working world, feeling grateful that we had the adventure of a lifetime, but happy to be nesting in our new SF home, with pretty sheets, scented candles, throw pillows, and frequent dates with friends and family.

It will take us a while to finish blogging about the trip, so please continue to follow along with us!

Cory and Molly

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