Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The First 100 Days

At the Mountain lookout in Sapa, Vietnam
As we're 100 days into our Big World Adventure, we thought it was about time to give an update on our progress! Since we were last in the US, on April 6, we have been to Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. All in all, we've spent all 2400 hours together, and we're still happily married!

Cory recently revamped the blog to add the following sections (links on the right):

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As we look back on our first 100 days (with about 140 left to go, budget willing), we've each compiled a list of those things that we have found to be essential for this trip (and most of the things on our list are surprises to us!). 

1. iPhone in waterproof case: Camera, GPS, Music, Skype... is there something this thing can't do?  If I had to only bring one gadget with me it would be this (thank goodness I am not traveling with those types of restrictions).
2. A good camera: I am traveling with the Olympus E-M5 which has been great.  It has interchangeable lenses but is still small and light enough to carry most days.  I am also using the Peak designs Leash, which is seriously the best camera strap I ever could have imagined.
3. Dove Soap, because hotel soap sucks!
4. Pepto Bismol pills, because you can take them on the plane, you can't buy them anywhere, and travel in SE Asia comes with plenty of tummy trouble!  We have been rationing these lately because were not sure we can get more...
5. Tech Underwear, because more than 4 pairs of undies would be unreasonably luxurious... however, very long bus rides in tech underwear is much less comfy for the gentleman's region.  
6. Mozzie Cream (which we have never seen in the states), but is the perfect way to know that you haven't missed a spot, and are totally protected from the malaria and dengue carrying mosquitos.
7. Great flip flops (we both wear and love Olukais); we wear these absolutely everywhere (except Hanoi because it's super dirty) and they are comfy enough to wear miles and miles!
8. Balega socks, because all the world’s best socks are made in South Africa (plus, these are crazy comfortable)
9. PlugBug because when you have one outlet and lots more gadgets this little guy keeps you topped up on juice
10. My best friend, because she's so cute to look at!

1. Cocoon sleep sack, because when you have questionably clean sheets, or you feel homesick and just want to feel snuggled in, there's nothing better than crawling into your own personal cocoon! (though to be fair, Cory already sent his home, because he thought it was heavy and totally useless - he uses a cotton hoody sweatshirt to get that snuggled in feeling).
2. Icebreaker wool sweater, because anti-bacterial is a great feature in the only sweater you own for 8 months
3. Dominoes and a deck of cards, because when you spend every waking moment with someone (even when that person is your best friend), it's really nice to have something to do over dinner or happy hour instead of saying, "so, how was your day, all of which I was there for?"
4. Oatmeal or All Bran, because we're over 30 and we just can't keep eating hotel buffets!
5. A pair of comfy shorts (which I had to have made in Vietnam, because I'm just a tad bigger than your average asian woman), because when you live in hotels, it sucks to have to put on real clothes for breakfast every day.
6. A good pair of earbud headphones, because Asia is just super loud. All the time. Seriously.
7. A sports bra that doesn't give you a squished uni-boob, because you're going to wear it a lot and you won't feel like a pretty girl. I got two from Victoria's Secret and lost one in Thailand (how, I can't imagine!). Start with two!
8. Some pretty clothes, because you just can't wear t-shirts and capris for 8 months and feel like your best self (if you're anything like me).
9. Leisure cards, with our name, email and blog: we had no idea how much these would come in handy, but we use them all the time (thanks, Sherry!)
10. My best friend, because it would suck to spend 2400 hours with someone else!

As we leave our first 100 days and look forward to the next 140, we're feeling excited, a little less scared than when we started, and blessed to get to be on this life changing adventure! Here's to the next chapter!

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